Just wanted to update .. Purchased a powertig 250 ex and have had it about 2 weeks now . Stick welds like a champ for those down and dirty quick strong welds ( plus I'v got just about every type of rod known to mankind as my primary welder before this was a old Lincoln Buzzbox I figure is almost as old as I am.

I was paralyzed 20 yr ago and I am still tinkering with the settings to give me the best settings , basically I am using the button to feather the throttle so to speak using the 4t feature on the unit seems to be working out well . without the foot pedal it like learning over again but my welds look surprisingly decent my drop spacing is a bit off but penetration and width are good just need about a tanks worth of practice and I think I;ll be golden.

For the hobbyist to the pro fabricator I see nothing wrong with buying an import machine like the everlast brand. . I didn't have the money to afford anything comparable from blue, yellow or red and so far I'm not disappointed, The Customer service is top notch and QC is being tightened up from what I hear. Time will tell but in the event I do have a problem I am confident It will be handled professionally and swiftly.