I never smoke but my shop it ok smoke.
Even after the California band indoor smoking.

Beside myself I have only know one other welder that did not smoke he did live till 99


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I have one faciliity, most emergency calls are middle of the night. Several times, a few in Covid-19 time there is a stupid employee. He insists on standing 12" behind the back of my head, chain smoking. "I know what's wrong! It's fu(ked up!" He says this 50 times while I turn green from the smoke. I've asked him for a bit of space. He doesn't seem to understand. I bump him now & again in the face with my elbow.

I mentioned to his boss, I haven't been here for a middle of the night call except when he is pushing buttons in over a year. And yes it takes longer to figure out with him distracting. His comment isn't funny the first time, by the 50th time at 1:00 AM it gets old! I haven't seen him this winter.

Why do people feel the need to force smoke on non smokers. If you choose to smoke, fine. You could & should step a few feet away from me.
And I don't understand why I have to walk all day on a carpet of your discarded butts? Couldn't you throw them in a pile I could walk around?

And yes, I understand it is your right. But, when we have to work 2 feet apart, or when there is NO reason we have to be 2 feet apart, but you can't seem to step 5 feet away, why do you presume to force it on me?

I grew up in an age where there typically were 10 people on a job, 9 smokers & me. I don't remember any of them ever being as pushy about being up in my face with their cigarettes.