Looking at buying this machine from craigslist for 80 bucks. I'm a first period pipefitter apprentice so I'm not making any money....yet. Need something on the cheap to practice with at home. From what I've experienced the older welders are generally more reliable and simpler than their modern counterparts. Hoping this is the case here. If this machine is anything like the old Lincoln tombstones I will be happy. I only need it to burn 6010, 6011, 7018 (or the AC equivalent if need be) up to 1/8, on mild steel plate and pipe so this unit should be fine..... right? I have a 240 line on a 50a breaker so I'm good there. What I'm wondering is:
1) Based on your experience is this a worthwhile purchase to fill the needs I have described above?
2) I believe this is an AC only machine, am I correct about that, and can I change that somehow?
3) I want to test this machine but cannot tell ,based on the pics, what type of ends I might need to connect lead to the thing. Does anybody Know? Can I just jam some raw copper in there for the purposes of testing until I can get an adapter rigged up?

Thanks in advance.
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