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Thread: Revised Guidelines For The Shop, Sell And Trade Forum. Please Read!

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    Revised Guidelines For The Shop, Sell And Trade Forum. Please Read!

    Welcome to the Shop, Sell and Trade subforum. We have made some revisions to the rules for posting here, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them.

    1.) The Shop, Trade and Sell forum is for individual sales ONLY. Absolutely NO dealers or advertisement of businesses is allowed per the Welding Web user agreement.

    2.) WW members may post threads containing items for sale, but we ask all to limit such to a reasonable amount. We have no problems with new members listing items for sale, but if it is excessive or on a regular basis, such for sale posts may be removed by the moderators as they see fit to do so. Using common sense is the best guideline when questioning what and when is too much. If you're wondering about it, it probably is.

    **It is always best to clearly list your location, and or any other details pertaining to the specifics of the item for sale. You stand a much better chance of selling a larger item if people know where it is, and wether the seller is willing to ship, has a way to load it, etc.**

    3.) Due to some past experiences with some for sale threads degrading into a back and forth of nasty comments, ALL ITEMS POSTED FOR SALE MUST BE MARKED WITH A CLEARLY IDENTIFIABLE PRICE.

    Any threads listing items without a price, or listed as "Just make an offer" will be removed by the moderators immediately. This is a longstanding rule on many other forums that allow member sales I have visited. It clearly conveys the sellers intentions and leaves little room for negative speculation. Being willing to accept offers in addition to a sale price is fine. Not being sure of a value and sincerely asking for input on the item is too.

    Leading some to speculate you are fishing for the highest possible offer you can get for your stuff is not. This principle isn't rocket science, and it doesn't sit well with most people either. In many cases, it just leads to conflict which usually bleeds over to other threads on the site. Then threads and posts have to edited or deleted, private messages sent, etc to defuse the conflict. Please see item #5 for further information regarding this matter..

    **Items posted for sale before this revised body of information will be allowed to remain per our discretion, but any posted after 11/18/2015 in violation of said information will be removed.**

    4.) Any member found to be soliciting items for sale preemptively to other members via private message or thru the general boards will be asked to immediately cease and desist. I don't have to spell out what comes next.

    5.) ANY member found to be encouraging or facilitating competitive "bidding" between members or found to be using any other subversive means to deliberately escalate the price of an item they have for sale will be banned immediately and permanently. If you want to have an auction, go list your stuff on eBay. If you want to play the magic price game, put it on Craigslist. Don't do it here.

    There Will Be Absolutely Zero Tolerance On This Matter. PLEASE, Don't Do It!

    6.) Please be civil with comments regarding items you may feel are overpriced, etc. We have probably all been guilty of this at one time or another. Sometimes, it's just best to refrain from commenting on something like this all together. If a member feels a posted item is in violation of the terms of the subforum, or has other serious concerns regarding an item for sale, PLEASE bring it to one of the moderators attention and we will look into it.

    7.) Postings of Craigslist or eBay ads will be permitted but may be removed at our discretion if we feel they are in violation of the site rules, or are creating noticeable conflict between members.

    8.) Be aware that scam artists are everywhere, and occasionally show up here. Use common sense in regards to any items posted for sale, and look for obvious signs of a scam posting. We usually catch stuff like this pretty fast, but we can't be everywhere, all the time. Please port any suspicious activity to one of the moderators via the report icon (the triangle with an exclamation point inside it) at the bottom left of the post or by private message directly.

    9.) If an item has sold and/or you wish to have the sale thread deleted, just contact one of the moderators via the report icon (the triangle with the exclamation point inside it) located at the lower left of the post or via private message and say you would like the thread deleted. We are happy to assist members in such circumstances. Since the default software of the forum only allows a limited amount of time for editing, this is the most effective way to handle informing other members that the item is no longer for sale.

    Please keep in mind that the moderators and administration of the site retain the absolute authority to edit, delete or completely remove any content we feel may be in violation of the terms of service agreement, and by extension, these guidelines listed above. We do our best to keep things running smoothly, and it is largely due to the cooperation of the vast number of members who make positive contributions to this site. The Buy and Sell section of the forum is very helpful and has assisted many members to connect on sales and purchases. Some sites do not even allow this type of activity at all. When everyone follows the rules, it insures this subforum will be around for a long time to come here.

    If there are any questions regarding these guidelines, please contact one of the site moderators via private message.

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