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Thread: God help us all... Here's your sign!

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    Re: God help us all... Here's your sign!

    Quote Originally Posted by xryan View Post
    Damn, now someone tells me. That guy at the shop was trying to get me to PAY him to rotate my tires. Duh, they do that all day long for free when I drive.
    Good one

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    Re: God help us all... Here's your sign!

    Quote Originally Posted by castle View Post
    Well maybe you will get lucky and all of the idiots will buy their machines and supplies off of eBay so you won't have to deal with them.
    I was trying to help this "teacher" in the past and it was clear as mud he didn't have a clue. Didn't know what size of MIG wire or what TIG torch or anything else. How is he supposed to teach students when he doesn't know himself? Yea, there's dumb customers but the absolute worst thing for someone starting off in a trade like welding is being taught by someone who doesn't know themselves. That's the reason a of lot shops would rather take a completely green guy off the street who shows interest and then teach them the right way. Getting taught the wrong way in the beginning can take years to correct. I used to work with apprentices and always tried to explain why you do things a certain way. Not a lot of trades people have the patience to work with new apprentices. It's not that they don't understand they're learning, they just don't want to have to explain every little thing. It's kind of like some of the people that come on here that just don't understand what is common to someone in the trade. Questions are good but when someone doesn't get it after a dozen tries, you just kind of give up. A classic example is when someone thinks just because a rod is 70XX it is stronger than a 60xx rod. There's a lot more to it than that.

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