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Thread: Everlast 200DX so far so good👍 3 yr review

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    Everlast 200DX so far so good👍 3 yr review

    Just wanted to brag on Everlast a little bit, I was super skeptical when I bought this machine back in '12-'13. I had researched everything I could about them and heard good and bad things about them. I kicked around the idea for a few months and with the 5 yr warranty I thought what have I got to loose. I'm not going to lie this machine has worked flawlessly (knock on wood). I take extra good care of it, I keep it covered when not in use and I don't set stuff on it, or grind around it. It still looks brand new. I used it to hook up to temporary service and I welded up my shop when I built it and it ran 1/8" 6011 and 1/8" 7018 as good as any machine I've ever used. I tig a lot of steel and stainless steel as well and the arc is pretty dang good I must say. It took me awhile to get I dialed in on aluminum, but it's laying dimes now.

    Everyone always complains about the accessories, but I knew going into it that they were not going to be what I wanted, and with all the money I saved on the unit I had plenty to use for upgrades. These are all the upgrades bought so far.

    -ck rigid 17 torch with the red flexible hose
    -ck flex loc 17 torch with the red flexible hose (which is for sale btw)
    -ck remote amperage thumb control ( I'm not super crazy about the design but it works)
    -40' #1 weld lead for ground and 500amp ground clamp
    -40' #1 weld lead with a tweco 200 or 250 amp stinger

    I've spent roughly $300-$400 on this stuff and I would've still had to have bought the majority of it for another brand of machine more than likely. So I'm really pleased with my purchase so far. It paid for itself when I used it to build my shop. I do own a miller 252 and its been a great machine so far as well. I'm in the market for a plasma and Im sure I'll be getting a Everlast because the price point is hard to beat.

    Sorry for the long post but I felt like the company needs a pat on the back. I know in the beginning they had a lot of haters and some faulty stuff got sent out possibly, but I think they have stepped there customer service up a lot and have stepped the QC up as well. It's good to see a company out there that's trying to make it and keep Miller and Lincoln honest. Name:  image.jpg
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    Re: Everlast 200DX so far so good👍 3 yr review

    I'll add some. I bought mine around the same time that you did or maybe even earlier, it was just before EverlastAlaska went defunct, so that dates it. I'm not a tig welder and only use it for the most part to heal starts and stops on fuel tanks that are migged. Also, seal plug welds on decks, again, starts and stops, other little tiggy things too. When I first got it the foot pedal flat did not work but Mark in Alaska sent me another one that went 'round the bend too, eventually. Otherwise, the machine has been great and the stick side was my fav until I got the Imig200, which is the best stick (3/32) machine I've ever used but switch to the DX with 1/8 or larger if I'm blazing. BUT, I've loaned the DX out (offbeat remote jobs) to arguably the best tig welder in a hundred mile circle and he really likes the machine, even with no pedal. Has led to several sales for Everlast from here in Homer AK. While I'm at it I'll plug the Imig again, as I've done about everything to try and kill it but can't. That machine delivers amazing value.

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    Re: Everlast 200DX so far so good👍 3 yr review

    I ran mine for the first time in 2? years, after moving and building a new shop. It started right up and ran fine.

    Lincoln AC/DC 225
    Everlast PowerPlasma 70
    Hobart Ironman
    Everlast PowerTig 200DX

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