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Thread: Decisions on TB302

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    Decisions on TB302

    I have the opportunity to purchase one of two Trailblazer 302's. One is a 2005 with 325 hours, gas engine, 100' of #1 welding cable, through an individual on Craigslist for $3,000... The other is a CeeKay rental, a 2009 with 519 hours, running gear, LP engine, one year Warranty for $3,200. Tell me which one you would recommend.

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    Re: Decisions on TB302

    I wpold buy the one with the gas engine just because I am not used to lp in a application like this. Both seem have low hours. The warranty would be a plus on the one but what youd pay for the cable on the other that would go aways towards a repair bill also unless they both have leads. I would look at both check condition and weld test both.
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    Re: Decisions on TB302

    Keep in mind that with a LP machine, you could bring it inside a building and run it (anywhere you could run a LP forklift) whereas the gas engine is going to have to stay outside and away from the doors (exhaust fumes). This might mean you'd need a lot less lead with the LP machine than the gas engine.
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    Re: Decisions on TB302

    I would buy the gas machine personally having been out on a job in the middle of no where trying to find diesel fuel i can imagine it would have been much harder to find lp. That beening said if that doesn't bother you or you have a tight grid you work then the lp machines burn much cleaner and have better longievity over the reg gas machine.
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    Re: Decisions on TB302

    If you will use it often, then the gas would be acceptable. If you are going to use it "ocasionally", then I would go for the LP.

    Gas goes bad fast. LP does not go bad.
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    Re: Decisions on TB302

    LP is out for field work. I've got a buddy that had two of them and dumped them both quick. Nothing worse than being at a remote job site and running out of fuel. And according to him even in the best conditions it was a pita getting the tanks refilled. Propane is expensive and the prices goes up faster than gas does.... he had to get filled at RV places... slow process as you can't do it yourself and said he was always hunting someone to come fill it...

    Fine for forklifts as you can keep a spare tank sitting around.

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