Had my Moonshine leather apron for a few weeks. It is excellent guilty and well made. I bought the cross back design instead of hanging on neck , big difference. It's thickness is about 14 gauge using my thickness gauge. It is a stiffer material then welding leather sleeves. This might be better as it seems the sparks and wire wheel wires bounce off. My old soft leather apron the wires would stick into it. Pockets are awesome, nice size and hand fits with room to spare. Heavy adjustable straps and long waist ties. It was expensive but I know I'll never need another one.
I talked with Sharron , and she is awesome. Had all the answers plus informed me it's guarrented for life. If I burn a hole in it or whatever just return and they fix it free. Big plus to me is it's Made in USA.
I even bought a trifold wallet, it too is great. Softest leather wallet I ever had. This too is high quality and USA made. I don't know them at all just a happy customer. Tackit , our member mentioned them awhile ago, so Thank you ! Darn pics sideways !
https://www.moonshineleather.com/leathershopaprons.cfm https://www.moonshineleather.com/pro...code=A06A-HCPL https://www.moonshineleather.com/index.htm

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