Posting this up for a guy I know. He's got a heavy ( 890 lb) cast iron T-slot and hole fixturing table for sale. Table top is 29" wide, 5'-2" overall in length, 56" in length on the T-slots. Comes with stand shown. He has a forklift and can help load.

Located in Middle Bucks Co Pa ( about 45 minutes north of Phily). About 15 minutes from the NE Philly exit of the PA turnpike, or about 20 minutes from I-95

He's asking $800 for the table.

If I had a place for it I'd be tempted to take it, but I have a big steel table already and don't really need a fixturing table with most of the stuff I do.

If interested PM me and I'll pass along his phone number and contact info.

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