I was looking at some of the dedicated grinders for tungstens, and realized that there was a simple and inexpensive way to make one from a spare moto-tool, some scrap aluminum I had from another project, and some cheap diamond cutting discs.
The moto-tool has a cap at the end that is threaded 5/8-12, and I figured I could build a grinding head that would screw on in place of that cap.I turned , bored and then threaded the part that would thread on to the moto-tool, and then threaded the end for the grinding section(I buggered up my first attempt and rather than starting over, I built it back up with the TIG and re-cut the threads.Boy I love doing stuff twice.NOT!!!)

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I turned, bored and threaded the grinding section, then I drilled 4 3/32" holes(This is the size tungsten that I mainly use) at 20,25,30,35 degrees to the grinding wheel and intersecting the wheel in the middle of the abrasive portion of it.I left the walls of the grinding section pretty thick so as to give the tungsten as much support as possible and to add a little weight as I use it standing upside down( This way the dust settles into the cap not around the tool shaft)

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It only takes a few seconds to grind a new tip on the tungsten and the angles are repeatable and accurate.If I find that I want a different angle or if I start using different sizes more I can always drill more holes to get what I want.
Here are a couple more pics of the assembled grinder and its components.It isn't pretty, but it functions well and that is all I really care about.
Hope you find this project interesting.

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