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Thread: back pain thread

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    Re: back pain thread

    The Dilauded and Gabapentin for the cancer and Chemotherapy .
    The Doctors can easily give Dilauded for pain.
    The Gabapentin is for side effects of Chemotherapy.


    FYI In 2018 with cancer my doctor gave me a 30 supply of hydrocodone 4 times a day.

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    Wow, I thought shingles were a carryover from chickenpox. My wife works for an eye doctor and there's been numerous times when he's found things in the eye exam & he's told the patient to get to a General Practitioner or a particular specialist ASAP, our eyes are truly the window to our souls, and body too!
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    Re: back pain thread

    Gabapentin is for nerve pain. Seroquel is for the side effects of the chemo meds and also helps you sleep. No bad side effects from the reduced chemo meds which is great. This is the 2nd weekend I've drove out to my MX track. My truck seems pretty comfortable for my back and rides smooth. I just have to be aware not to stay on my feet too long as it causes the nagging pain in my back. It's a little odd because where my back aches is more out towards my sides and not the middle of my back where there are still some fractures. It's nice to be a little more independent and able to drive myself around. I can putz around on the quad at my track so I don't have to walk so much. I actually ran the skid steer for a bit on Sat. loading some dirt into the dump truck. I took it pretty easy and tried not get bumped and banged around much. The friend helping me has never loaded a truck where you're kind of blind to see the bucket when it's lifted all the way up. He was moving the dirt today working on a pee wee track for young beginner riders. He also put the new water pump in my track loader in record time so it's ready to dig some more dirt. I don't think you could find a better friend!!! He is doing so much to help I could never repay him for everything. I'm hoping he wants to buy the land when I decide to sell. I'd basically sell him the land and throw in all the equipment. Would be so much easier this way. No messing around advertising or dealing with tire kickers. He buys the land and I can go out and help him when I'm able for something to do. Maybe consider making a few bucks selling the Red Face SA200 but I could give him some welding lessons so he could use it. You never know when something is going to break and needs some welding. It's so handy having a welder right there when you need it.
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