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Thread: What Cable To Use For Transarc 200 & How To Use Jaw's Calculator?

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    What Cable To Use For Transarc 200 & How To Use Jaw's Calculator?

    I have an old Transarc 200.

    Discovered it kept tripping a circuit breaker.

    Discovered the supply cable was a 10A cable.

    Discovered the supply cable didn't even have the earth wire connected.

    Moral: Do a close inspection of any second hand electrical gear.

    So now I've learned some more since then. And I sort of know what to do but I'm still shy a few details.

    Because a couple of things I've learned confuse me. Like the surge current that runs through a line when switching on things - electric motors mainly, but even a little with welders I think.

    Like my welder apparently running at 43A draw on the 200A output. Yet apparently a 15A welder.

    So I would like to clear all this up if I can, so's I know where I am at.

    The Transarc 200 would be a 15A welder, right? Anyone got the truth on that?

    The plate on the back gives this information:
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    So you can see there's no input Amperage mentioned. Only voltage ranges. It is set for the 230V range (240V really, here in Aus. I don't know why they've quoted 230V. It is an Aussie welder made in Aus. and we've always had 240V I think).

    But I think if I calculate from the 'maximum demand' figures I'll get a true figure? So from 10.4KVA we'd get 10400/240 = 43.3A and from 9KVA we'd get 9000/240 = 37A. Is that right?

    How can I draw those amperages from a 15A circuit?

    That's one problem.

    Next: the input line, incorrect size and connection. What should I put in there? I can wire it. No dangers there needing professional electrician that I can see. It works as is, the terminal block is clearly marked with earth, active and neutral, should be okay. What wire to put on? Assuming this 15A thing is going to be right then a 15A plug, sure. But what weight of cable? Sufficient to carry up to 45A? Or what?

    That's the second problem.

    Next: Probably going to run it from the dedicated 15A circuit in the house. Meant for an airconditioner we don't have installed so available for me. Saves the cost of getting 15A and a sub board installed in the shed.

    But that's about 30 metres away.

    So I could use Jaw's cable selection calculator ( to figure it out - IF I knew what values to input.

    . Is there a 'Startup' current like with motors or not? I've been advised there's not. Just use the operating current. But:
    . What is the operating current? The 15A the machine is supposedly expected to run on - or the 43.3 (say 45A) that I calculate?

    If I input 50metres @ 15A max, 15A startup I get 4mm˛ and if I input 50metres @ 15A max, 50A startup I get 6mm˛ which, I don't know, could be quite a difference in cable cost. And I don't know if either calculation is correct.

    That's my third problem.

    Matter of interest the machine came with two long heavy cables, earth and electrode (and the bodgie input cable). Those heavy cables are, best I can measure, 8mm diameter. That's pi x 4˛ for cross sectional area isn't it ? That's about 50mm˛ .

    Surely that's far more than is needed? Those cables are very cumbersome, very much in the way. I'd like to get rid of them and put something smaller in there. I don't know how to do the calculations but observation seems to indicate they're not needed. My little 130A stick welder uses cables no thicker than the common household extension cord. And that's going to 130A. The Transarc only goes to 200.

    That's my fourth problem.

    So there we go. Anyone can help with all that for me?
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    Re: What Cable To Use For Transarc 200 & How To Use Jaw's Calculator?

    It will be 15 amp. My transarc 140 has a 15 amp plug 15 amp (draws 11amps)

    Quite common to swap out the leads on the old transarcs with 600 amp truck jumper cables that fell off the back of an army truck, (I have a set of them in my shed 6m long, can climb all over anything without having to worry about moving the welder ), that is likely what you have.

    If you dont run it to long, or to hot, you will probably get away with running 30m of 15 amp extension lead ok. Problem is in Australia, getting heavier lead is a bitch, whilst you can go to 20 amp on single phase, it is rare, and no one makes extension cables for it. They are all geared for 3 phase once you go over 15 amp. You will likely find you cant buy a 15amp extension cable greater than 15m in length off the shelf. For 30m you would normally be looking for 5amp higher rated cable. (30m of 20amp cable with 15 amp plugs).
    So two leads, and keep the duty cycle down, check the leads to make sure they are not getting hot. Same with he plug point.

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    Re: What Cable To Use For Transarc 200 & How To Use Jaw's Calculator?

    Jackdawg. I remember you from my other thread recently. Thanks for weighing in. I'll relax and go with that, then. Plug it into 15A and be a little watchful. I'm not a pro. Do very little. Not much chance of ever overworking it anyway.

    I'm hoping maybe I can get some 6mm˛ lead from an electrical wholesalers and make up my own leads.

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