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Thread: Updated Guidelines For Posting Videos And Social Media Links. Please Read!

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    Exclamation Updated Guidelines For Posting Videos And Social Media Links. Please Read!

    We have revised and updated the guidelines for posting videos and social media links on Welding Web. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them.

    Recently, there have been some growing issues regarding the posting of videos on the site. These issues mainly pertain to new members joining, then posting a steady stream of YouTube videos and links to their social media site pages, etc. This also pertains to some members who have been around for awhile, but do little more than post YouTube videos with minimal contribution to the site otherwise. While some individuals just make videos for fun, others are doing it with the full intent of making money or receiving some type of compensation for doing so. When new members join the site and immediately start posting videos on a near daily basis, it leads us to believe that the persons interest in the site is merely to use it as an advertising tool to funnel traffic to their YouTube channels and social media pages.

    This is in direct conflict with the site rules pertaining to advertising and will not be allowed.

    *As of 6/13/16 site members will be allowed a maximum of THREE PERSONAL VIDEOS to be posted in A ONE MONTH TIMESPAN (we will consider this to be 30 calendar days).

    *Members who wish to post videos WILL HAVE TO HAVE A MINIMUM OF 40 LEGITIMATE POSTS before being allowed to do so.

    **A quick 40 posts of "welcome to the forum" "great job" or "looks nice" DOESN'T count either.**

    Our definition of a personal video is one of which is made by the individual posting it. A video posted as a generic reference to a particular topic of discussion in a thread will not necessarily be considered a "personal" video. Neither will a very short video made by the poster to briefly demonstrate a technique or assist in diagnosing a problem with a machine, process, etc. The moderation team however, will make the final call on it if said video(s) were to become an issue, which leads us to our next point..

    If it is brought to our attention that a member of this site is posting videos for someone who is not eligible to do so, or is using some other deliberate means to circumvent this policy, it will result in said videos (and/or links, etc) being removed from the site, and the member(s) involved possibly banned depending on the circumstances. The site moderators may also remove "personal" videos posted by someone who has not had any participation on the site for some time, or we have reason to believe they were posted specifically as an advertisement and may not have been noticed immediately.

    If it looks suspect, IT WILL BE REMOVED. We will always act in the best interests of the site as a whole. If your video was removed, there is a reason for it. Please contact one of the site moderators via private message and they will be able to give you an explanation for the removal.

    PLEASE!!! Do not burden the moderators with comparisons and finger pointing. Some specific situations will be reviewed on a case by case basis. If a judgement call has to be made on such a situation, longstanding members who contribute to the site on a regular basis will be given preferential consideration before someone who just joined and wants to start posting videos, etc.

    Once a decision has been reached by the moderators, it's not up for debate. Starting threads or hijacking existing ones to aire such grievances will not end well for those individuals. We need not elaborate on the consequences.

    **Regarding signature lines**

    Putting a business name in your signature line or a SINGLE web link to it or a Facebook/YouTube account will be permissible as long as it is NOT constructed to be a dominant part of every post you make. Links to several sites, deliberately embedded media within a post/signature line or aggressively bold text intended to draw attention specifically to it will not be allowed. We will kindly ask it be removed. If it's not, it will be.

    Common sense is the key here...

    Our intent is NOT to create more rules or need for oversight, but to lay down solid principles that allow regular contributing members to have a platform to share their knowledge and experience with others via informative videos. Our site is NOT a venue for disseminating agenda laden rhetoric, nor is it a free advertising banner that solely exists to funnel traffic to someone's various social media outlets.

    Failure to follow these guidelines will result in action leading up to and including a permanent ban from the site. Being there are many sites that do not allow ANY links, videos, at all, we want to strike a balance between both extremes so all can benefit from what the site has to offer.

    **This revision of the site rules is not exhaustive, and site moderators/administrators will retain the absolute right to add to or modify this body of information as they see fit to do so. The policy regarding traditional advertising will remain the same**

    Thank you for your continued support of one of the top metalworking sites on the Internet!

    Welding Web Administration/Moderation Team.
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