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Thread: "New" Contractor Welder Looking for Advice on Quoting Services

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    Re: "New" Contractor Welder Looking for Advice on Quoting Services

    Let's keep in mind that an intro rate is just that. Your customer will use you till the next guy comes out with an intro rate. I say pick your rate, discount it and tell the customer what the normal rate is. You can beat the other guy with your competence and professionalism. The trick in business is to sell it numerous times. Get your customer to jump right to you when they needs welding. Selling yourself cheap tells your customer you're not really worth more. That's the issue with CL customers, they just need it done the cheaper the better. Wanna get schooled on what I'm talking about? Seek out a guy who owns two or three tow trucks, they always need something welded, trade him an hour of work for an honest hour of talk. He'll tell you it's a cutthroat business, just like any business. He'llstab the next guy as soon as look at him. Now go find a guy with ten or more trucks. He's a completely different animal, he wins by being smart and up front. He also charges top dollar. The other guy? Not so much, but he charges top dollar. There's plenty of guys with welding rigs, you have to distinguish yourself above them, do some really good work, talk and listen to the customer, ask them to give you a try. Simply asking, not implied asking, really saying the words for someone to allow you to show them why your better than the other guy will go alot further than just dropping off a card.
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    Re: "New" Contractor Welder Looking for Advice on Quoting Services

    Quote Originally Posted by Welder Dave View Post
    Did your 305G get overfilled with gas and flood the carb causing the cylinders to get washed down? It is not uncommon on the new machines.
    I think I just got a bad deal.

    Plug fouled after the first hour I used it, so bad it quit firing on one side.

    Hoped it was bad gasoline as the seller told me it had sat for the last year. Put in new plugs and Seafoam in the gasoline but still the same probblem, and only on one side so that was a clue that stale gas couldn't be the culprit.

    Cleaned or replaced the plug on one side 7 times and nearly run it dry on oil; and I run the welder about 9 hrs, not even a full tank of fuel.

    So pulled it out to get rebuilt.

    Just glad I have yet to advertise mobile service, so no disappointed customers or jobs that I can't fulfill in this debacle. Just a costly setback for me.

    Later today I will be welding up a couple of leaky fittings on a stainless steel fertilizer tank. The farmer will supply a welder generator, (I think he has a Bobcat 225) and I will run a cord to my 210MP inside the tank.

    Thats why I charge a rate much below the market at this point in time; but he knows full well that in a month or two it will be a different story.

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