Hey guys, please don't reply to or quote possible spam. It makes it harder for us Mod's to deal with it.

Several members in the past have been caught up and banned by accident, because they replied to a spammer rather than simply reporting it. Sadly if we use the "decimate" function to deal with the spammer and you get caught accidentally, there is no way for us to recover any of your picts and posts. They are gone and gone for good.

If you don't reply to a spammer, there's no chance this can happen to you. If you do reply, you are two key strokes away from oblivion possibly.

Also please don't quote spammers. When we remove their posts, either with the Decimate function, or by deleting their posts, any quotes still remain. We have to go in and delete those manually and it makes it a lot harder for us.

If you come across possible spam, just click on the "report" button at the bottom left of the post. That sends all of us a message to look at that post/thread. Most times one of us has already dealt with the issue, but if not, any of the moderators can then deal with the issue as needed.