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Thread: Anyone ever use a Millermatic 350?

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    Anyone ever use a Millermatic 350?

    That's a Millermatic 350, NOT a 350P. One for sale locally with the XR push pull gun for $2,500. That's a good price for the 350P, just not sure on the standard 350. I thought it was a typo, but sure enough Miller does make a regular 350. I'm assuming the only difference is the lack of pulse? Any other differences?

    EDIT: I just looked at the posting, he now has the XR gun for sale separately. So just the 350 for $2,500. I feel like that's a reasonable price for the 350P, but seems a little high for just the 350. Thoughts?
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    Re: Anyone ever use a Millermatic 350?

    It must be a discontinued model. Miller doesn't list one, nor can you find one on eBay within the first couple pages. The user manual is shared between the two. Like you said, the 350P has pulse, as the 350 does not.

    For a 350 size machine, 2500 is well worth it, I'd say. A Millermatic 252 runs around that price.
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    Re: Anyone ever use a Millermatic 350?

    Yep, You can upgrade it easily to a 350P by aiding a $200 pulse PCB. I have done it myself. Got the part from Miller 4 less.

    I just sold 2 of the 350P machines $2100 (incl 44lb spool of wire) and $1800 (sold cheap so I didn't have to transport it back to Reno from LA).
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    Re: Anyone ever use a Millermatic 350?

    Nope, not for that price.. You can get an XMT 350 with a feeder for that if you shop around.

    IMHO of course

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