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Thread: Washer Challenge

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    Washer Challenge

    One of my things, I guess you'd say, is trying to come up with projects that kids can manage. In blacksmithing, it seems like everyone learns how to make a hook first, and then they make a bunch of hooks. I've always wondered how many hooks you could possibly need because I still have hooks left over after all these years! Hooks are highly overrated as a teaching tool, in my opinion.

    Lately, I've been playing with washers to see what kinds of neat necklaces and key chains are possible. The idea is to limit the tools used to what you could expect a Boy Scout Troop to have access to, and including what you'd find in a High School's shop. Maybe the Troop leader has a nice shop filled with all kinds of nice equipment... but can a 10yo Boy Scout turn out a decent product on it? That senior in shop class has access to tons of machines, and working on something as small as a washer would definitely be a challenge.... but what can you do with a mill and lathe when you're starting point is as small/thin as a washer?

    I do most of mine with handheld chisels and a drill press. Sometimes I break out the dremel. I'd love to be able to build up a file of pictures I can reference whenever kids are around so they can see just what's possible with very little in the way of tooling.

    So, what can you do? If you'd care to try your hand at it, I'd certainly appreciate it. I'd love to create a file of photos to pull out whenever the kids are looking for inspiration.

    Washer "bead" by me, necklace by Macchiato Jewelry. As you can see, it doesn't take much to turn the washer into something other than a washer. Four extra holes and a bit of cold texturing with a hammer

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    With copper ground wire peened into some holes....

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    To date, I've found that even young children can hammer, chisel and drill to pretty good affect if you guide them along. And Mom's absolutely gush over getting a hand-made keychain or necklace that their lil' baby made for them.
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    Re: Washer Challenge

    Vert nice idea. Washers make nice flowers too.
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    Re: Washer Challenge

    Quote Originally Posted by tapwelder View Post
    Washers make nice flowers too.
    How so? Post some pics!

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