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Thread: New Beginnings

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    New Beginnings

    Hello everyone!

    It's my first time posting here. My names Joe, I'm 25 and from England. I'm looking for some advice about working and travelling in the US, also places like AUS and Canada if anyone has experience they could share.

    My partner and I are hoping to leave the UK in three years, it is a real new start for us, kinda leaving the rat race to go on an adventure around the world in a van.

    Iíve started teaching myself MIG back in 2010 just as a hobby, whenever I had the time between my studies I worked for a couple of fabrication firms and factory repair work with TIG. Currently I'm in my final year of a BEng degree in Mechanical Engineering though I'm realizing engineering just isn't for me. I find the topics fascinating but want to go back to working with my hands rather than sitting at a desk running CAE programs n excel spreadsheets, welding always felt right I guess.

    I was hoping there might be others whoíve done similar things or even live this kind of life at the moment, what do you make of it, am I completely crazy lol?

    I have 3 years to plan, save up and get some more experience, in that time I wanted to get back my old shift work and look at some local training centers. Is there any training, certificates or codes I should look at getting as a minimum before we make the jump across the pond? Are UK qualifications recognized in the USA, CAN, AUS?

    I appreciate your time guys. One love

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    Re: New Beginnings

    A good start for working as a welder in the USA. Is 6-G open root pipe, with SMAW, and Tig. Most companies will test you this way.
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    Re: New Beginnings

    Joe, welcome to the forum.
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