i have a 200 sm that worked like a champ till i loaned it out,,, forgot who had it then i remembered, went thru the usual" you already got it back, i brought it back, you sent a guy with note to take it" well i went thru his junk trucks and found it in the bed of an old ford,, 2 years outside!!! the fan drives but wont strike a spark, i suspect the board but dont know, everything looks good, no obvious burns or blowouts, i did find voltage at the rectifiers also on the ON POWER light, it just wont weld,, what would u suggest to look for, does anyone have a powcon board 105019, i did find one company sed they had a new never used 105019,, 754.00$, wont be getting that one, ive been looking at AHP160 i think stick and tig,, any ideas, suggestions??? buck