The RH-100M is a hand-held Powcon remote with two knobs; it's shaped sort of like a hammerhead shark. One knob is a rotary switch with off and on positions and the other is a potentiometer with a 1-10 scale. My particular example has a cord with a 17-pin male Amphenol connector.

Does anyone have experience with this controller or a manual? I'd like to know which Powcon machines and welding processes with which it's compatible.

I plugged it into a 400smt set to scratch start tig and with its Contactor and Weld Level panel switches both set to Remote. After turning on both the power source and the remote the amps display on the panel did vary with turning the pot on the remote. Haven't tried welding with it yet--didn't want to turn out the lights in San Jose.

I disassembled the RH-100M thinking I'd duplicate its design or use its components to make a 17-pin tig pedal for the 400smt. Turned out to be a little more intricate than I expected. The pot is an ordinary 10K single turn item, but the rotary switch has two tiers of 12 terminals each. Most of the terminals are jumpered together and the switch isn't wired in a complex way, but it seemed like a fancy component being used for a mundane purpose. There are also two diodes in RH-100M which had me scratching my head.

Anyway, if you know what these things are supposed to do please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

One more related question: Just how is a tig pedal for a 17-pin 400smt wired up?