I've got a nice Meco Aviator Jet plus its cutting attachment. Before lighting up it seemed like a good idea to check a parts diagram--thanks SealSeat. As shown in the diagrams for both the torch and the attachment is a little part numbered 0824 called "Armored Attachment Gasket Assembly." This looks to be a little disc with a hole in the center, four more radially disposed plus four little pegs or studs that stand proud of the disc itself by maybe 1/16". In my unit, 0824 stayed in the cutting attachment and seems to want to stay there. It obviously has something to do with sealing to the torch body. But what are the pegs for? And is this it as far as sealing is concerned? I have a Meco sales brochure that says the Meco Aviator Jet gasket assembly, "prevents metal to metal contact." Looks like metal to me--but maybe there's a fiber gasket or o-ring that should be present?Name:  IMG_4158.JPG
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Is there a Meco maven who knows how things are supposed to be?

Thanks very much.