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Thread: SA-200 Rheostat Knob Removal

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    SA-200 Rheostat Knob Removal

    What is the secret if any to removing the rheostat knob on SA-200's without completely destroying the whole rheostat and or faceplate? Of the 13 SA's I have had in my lifetime only one has ever came off with the teeny tiny 3/32 allen wrench that Lincoln made them with, after soaking it in penetrating oil overnight and even using Kroil at times. In addition you can only use the long end of the allen wrench which gives you even less of a bite on the allen screw because unlike the selector switch knob which they put it in the side of it instead of the end like the rheo knob. I am about to attempt to remove another one, but before I do I would like any advice you all may have for a workaround for what is an obvious engineering flaw on Lincolns part.

    Another question:
    I have a knob I removed a few weeks back and I ended up destroying the rheostat getting it off. Has anyone ever put one back together? I was thinking epoxy or something.

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    Re: SA-200 Rheostat Knob Removal

    If you have a small two finger puller (or make one) you can drill a hole through the knob and pull them off the shaft. Then weld up the hole when you're done and drill / tap a new set screw.
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    Re: SA-200 Rheostat Knob Removal

    I lucked out on my old 66. I soaked both in penetrating oil, got the set screws out and soaked them more and the both came off with no damage

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    Re: SA-200 Rheostat Knob Removal

    Protect the faceplate with one or more pieces of sheet metal and heat the center of the knob with a propane torch until red. This usually allows removing the set screw. Reheat and the knob should gently work off with a couple crow foot pry bars. At least that's my usual procedure.
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    Re: SA-200 Rheostat Knob Removal

    Hi....I got it stripped down got the exiter out. presently do I take the entire arm. lodging off with the exiter lodging as one piece or two?when I do get it beat liberated from the shaft that is. is that square headed set screw holding the bearing or does it go to the shaft? do you obstruct the motor a piece when you take the lodging off it would seem that theres no engine mounts on the end.

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