Hello All

I have a 2012 Bobcat 225 CC/CV engine drive without a remote control receptacle. I plan to upgrade to a late model Trailblazer, which would have a remote port, when a nice used one pops up at a reasonable price.

I have a chance to buy an "as new" 2005 Miller 22A wire feeder that has the Roughneck gun in a fitted case. Some of the accessories are still in the factory bags. The supposedly first ever 44 pound roll of ER70S-6 .035 wire is on the feeder and the roll seems to have less than 3/8" run off it. I can likely get the 22a for $400 or less. I have a very low miles LN-25 so a second feeder would let me leave flux core in the LN-25 and solid sire in the 22A or to have two diameters set up.

When the smoke clears (no pun intended) from upgrading my welding stuff I hope to be using something like an XMT for stick welding and as a wire feeder power source here at home so I'll be able to use the remote cable then.

So in the meantime....as I understand things I'll need a 120 volt AC to 24 volt transformer (150 VA?) to power the feeder and will have a hot electrode and contact tip unless I add in a contactor. If someone can help me out with a shopping list for the transformer and maybe a contactor parts I'd appreciate it. Or, if there is an existing thread on the subject, please point me to it. Even using the advanced search function to look for "Bobcat" and "22A" seems to bring up every thread with either word and I'm not seeing a choice to limit hits to threads with both words in a search.....