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Thread: Helium price hike...

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    Re: Helium price hike...

    Quote Originally Posted by Louie1961 View Post
    Mark, that's why I love my syncrowave....310 max amps. ;-)

    But seriously, I rarely need more than 150-160 amps for steel. Did you clean off the mill scale? Something doesn't sound right
    That's a wussy welder. 330ABP 465 amps.
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    Re: Helium price hike...

    Quote Originally Posted by soutthpaw View Post
    That's a wussy welder. 330ABP 465 amps.
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    Re: Helium price hike...

    Yesterday I welded a 1-3/8" shaft. It was meant to get no wear. A bearing locked onto the shaft, a roller bearing was to get the wear. The bearing seized, and the shaft wore away inside the bearing race. It was a build up before turning in a lathe to original size. Probably the piece weighed 5 LBS.

    TIG welding with 1/8" tungsten, and 3/32 ER70S6, I needed most of 200 amps at first. As the piece got hotter, I was down to 100 amps max, not wanting it all. I never checked, but I feel I was at 90 by the time I ran out of argon.
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