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Thread: A few questions on new Everlast Powerarc 141 STL

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    A few questions on new Everlast Powerarc 141 STL

    Just got a new Everlast Powerarc 141 STL. Have only got to use stick feature so far on 110 and 220. Has hot start, and dig- stick arc force. Runs 6011 no problem as well as tried 6013 and 7018. All ran beautifully. The manual on Everlast website refers back to previous model without added features. Paperwork that was included does not cover features either. Not knocking them as I understand takes time for new information to be disseminated. One unique item covered was describing erections. I don't know how they knew excited I was waiting for it to arrive or if it was a translational error but in any case as some comedian once said
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    Re: A few questions on new Everlast Powerarc 141 STL

    Well I had a few question but messed up the post somehow so I'll try to add here

    Any idea where I can find the manual for this particular machine? I understand it takes awhile to add new manuals so not knocking them I would just like to fine the correct way to utilize all the functions

    Can someone explain the live lift Tig feature. Also, can I use a gas valve torch hooked straight to argon with the live lift or would it damage, or affect the solenoid in the machine. Torch that came with it has a 12 foot cable but I have a few gas valve torches with longer cable if compatible.

    Lastly concerning Everlast as a company I have a Powerpro 205s that I've had since 2014 or 2015, never any problems. And with my last order I had a minor issue which was promptly addressed and they are even sending me a Tig accessory kit for my trouble so I can speak to the quality of the products and the company and would not hesitate to recommend them if your looking for a good machine at a good price.

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    Re: A few questions on new Everlast Powerarc 141 STL

    The manual should be uploaded by tomorrow. However, the 161 gives almost all the same info as the 141, except it has extra stuff about HF start.
    You can use a gas valve torch instead of using the torch with a solenoid if you want. The solenoid will still function, but it shouldn't hurt it if it is kept free of dirt, so use a hydraulic line/cylinder cap to keep the dirt out of the fitting if not connected.
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