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Thread: Powerarc 141 STL Lead Length and size

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    Powerarc 141 STL Lead Length and size

    Looking at comparable welder manual for this machine -161 states keep stick leads to 25 feet. Is this for 25 each lead, electrode and work for total 50 or 25 total? Also, I know there is always a concern for using too small of diameter lead but for this inverter would using a larger than called for be detrimental? Reason I ask is I have on hand plenty of #1 awg cable I can use which is larger than what would be called for at 140 amps but wouldn't cost me anything as I already have it. Have a 50 length of the #1 was planning make 20 foot for each if that would be in spec. Thanks

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    Re: Powerarc 141 STL Lead Length and size

    50 ft total.

    25 each.

    The tail wags the dog for one reason. The other is that the way the unit responds is different.
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    Re: Powerarc 141 STL Lead Length and size

    The only downside to bigger wire is cost, weight and flexibility, you'll see a small improvement performance with larger wire depending on the size of your stock leads. Some people put a short length of thinner cable (a whip) at the end of the lead for comfort/manuverability.
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