For sale a new Hobart Advantage high frequency tig arc stabilizer. This high frequency box can convert any AC or AC/DC stick welder (shop or gas drive) into a tig welder capable of welding aluminum and magnesium, or other metals where AC tig welding is required. It is a complete setup including:

A rebuilt Victor flow meter
15 feet of ground cable and clamp
25 ft. air cooled 150 amp WP17 tig torch with remote switch
3/32" gas lens and thoriated tungsten
A user manual
An extra power block for a water cooled torch
New Tweco twist lock connectors all around

This unit is rated at 250 amps with a 60% duty cycle. Its complete with manual and tweco twist locks all around for easy hook up and break down. It also has an extra water cooled power connector if you should want to hook it up to a water cooled tig torch.

I bought it new and have had it in storage but never used it. It has some scratches from being moved around over the years but it is new and has never been used. Works perfectly. This is an industrial grade piece of welding gear that will keep on ticking. Its ready to hook up to your welder and go to town. The high frequency unit is new, the torch and flow meter are used.

Want to get into welding aluminum without having to get a new welder? This setup will allow you to so

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