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Thread: An Audience

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    Re: An Audience

    When my brother wanted to pen his cows,he would park a running tractor in the corral, open the gate and wait for them to come check it out.
    I had an English Pointer that was attracted to anyone on a ladder. If they stood on the ladder working he'd just hang out a couple of rungs below. Not really a problem until they wanted to back down because he hadn't figured that part out yet. The choices were,risk falling trying to get past him,kick him loose or climb onto roof (if possible) where he would follow,climb down then call me to get my *$%#@! dog off their roof.

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    Re: An Audience

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob View Post
    You are so right. Had one of those recently while building a metal building. It was a pet to them and a pest to me.
    I've discovered if you casually mention that you like the critter so much you might take him home with you, you won't be bothered again by him again.

    BTW, I've enjoyed all your witty responses.
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