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Thread: Convince me to buy an Everlast 255 EXT over a Lincoln 225 Precision Tig

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    Re: Convince me to buy an Everlast 255 EXT over a Lincoln 225 Precision Tig

    Quote Originally Posted by shovelon View Post
    Huh. That is not the norm. That machine should have had a 3 year warranty. Miller tech support would never have told me to eat the new part. I drive my Millers hard, and when they break I either get it fixed under warranty or a new machine. When I order them they drop it off for free, wire it up, and plug it in for me to test it. When it breaks the LWS sales rep comes right over and calls Miller. Sometimes the Miller rep will stop by to check it out. They pack it up and take it with them, and offer a loaner if I need it.

    I think what you missed in his post is that it's a 2007 welder.

    He only put 30 hours on it, but those 30 hours must have been spread over 10 years most likely.

    He went from the gold standard in tig welders to a Chinese inverter.

    The main thing is that he's happy. And I'm happy as well, since I won't be welding on an Everlast.

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    Re: Convince me to buy an Everlast 255 EXT over a Lincoln 225 Precision Tig

    I ended up with a Primeweld 225, will update a little more when I dig up the pics.
    If you are selling a lathe that swings 22", and live in Central FL, please PM me a price and some pics.

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    Re: Convince me to buy an Everlast 255 EXT over a Lincoln 225 Precision Tig

    And this is why my business now internet orders all our supplies, trucks, equipment, tractor, etc.
    I expect ZERO support after the sale from a local business- truck dealer, tractor dealer, weld shop, appliances, etc.
    It is the way of the world. We (the consumer) demanded the ABSOLUTE lowest price, Period! something had to give, service.
    The few local shops that tried to hang in there and sell a product and provide service after the sale finally closed, They HAD to charge slightly more to provide that service and no one bought from them as they were 10% more than internet sales.

    Is, what it is.

    Quote Originally Posted by kjemison1966 View Post
    Yep.. I had a 2007 Miller Synchrowave 250 Tig Runner machine... figured I would shoot my wad on a really good machine for my last machine... I think I shelled out about $5500 - $6000 for it.... Had about 30 hours of use on it, always kept covered and wiped down etc... (It was a sizeable investment for me)... One day I turned it on... got about 2 inches of welding aluminum... and POP... hmm... that didn't sound right stopped welding... shut the machine down.. looked it over... couldn't find or see anything... turned it back on.. throws an error code on the LED.. will not weld.
    Call Miller Support, read them the code and they proceeded to tell me it was a bad circuit board and would cost $1200 to replace. I tried to reason with them about the minimal time on the machine.. they didn't care. Went to my LWS where I bought the machine... they didn't give 2 ****s... happy to take my money but, when I needed them.. they were like "who are you again?" ...
    Needless to say, I will NEVER EVER buy a Miller product again!
    Yes, I bought a Everlast machine (Power TIG 200 DV)... Machine has been GREAT!! Never let me down it just runs and runs! ... Burning 7018 is top notch smooth! ... Spent a couple hours today welding up some aluminum for a boat console... PERFECT!... Over the last couple of years I have had questions about the machine or maybe just needed some clarification on something... I called support, always within 5 minutes I actually get to a person,... they always spend as much time with me as I need to solve or answer my questions, never felt rushed, etc... They have EXCELLENT Customer Support!
    I will buy from them again and again! Their products are good quality, perform well and at a fair price!

    It is my understanding that Miller has many components from China but are assembled here in the USA .. .So, pretty much a China made machine. I do not know about Lincoln... I will do a little research and see what I come up with... as they say, "Google is your friend!"

    Have a great evening and I hope whatever you purchase it is as trouble free as my Everlast!

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    Re: Convince me to buy an Everlast 255 EXT over a Lincoln 225 Precision Tig

    I haven't posted here in a long time, but I want to say something about my experience with a Chinese welder. They work great until they break, trying to find parts and a place to fix them is a real pain in the a**. And so is having to ship them half way across the country after the warranty expires. I don't have time to spend on the phone with some person, who has a degree in marketing and doesn't know squat about welding, trying to tell me how to fix my welder. I own lincons, millers, and Hobart's, getting them repaired is a five minute drive to one of 3 welding supply stores in my area. The longest it's ever taken for a repair is 5 days, I'll keep buying Lincolns, millers, and Hobart's. My advice to new young your money for one of the 3 welders I listed above, you will receive very good customer support and resale value if you decide to sell it.
    I probably won't comment for another two years, lol!!!

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