I’ve listed the tests for an upcoming job. Just wanted to check how these tests differ out at the shipyards from other places. I haven’t worked in shipyards before so just wanted to see if anyone would share their experience with any of these tests thanks!

TESTS 1-6: The first 6 tests will be 1/2’’ pipe (.083 wall thickness) to socket joints. Materials tested will be stainless steel, copper nickel, and carbon steel.

3 of the joints will be in the 4F restricted position (joint is 6 inches above deck and 12 inches from bulk head).

The other 3 will be in the 5F restricted position (joint 6 inches off of bulkhead and 12 inches away from overhead).

TESTS 7-10: Then you will be tested on 4” heavy wall J-Bevel pipes with an E.B ring in each joint. The 3 tests will be stainless steel, cabin steel, and copper nickel.

4” heavy wall carbon steel pipe with a V-Bevel and a 1/4’’ backing ring. All 4 of these tests will be in the 6G restricted positions.

TESTS 11: Pulse-TIG proficiency test on thin-wall 2’’ and thin-wall 4’’ stainless steel piping which will require you to use a mirror.

TESTS 12-13:stainless steel 1/2’’ pipe (.083 wall thickness) to socket joints using the Pulse-TIG process, in the 4F restricted and 5F restricted positions.

root penetration into joint.

There are no open root tests conducted as well.