I am in and around the Traverse city area. We are interested in some work. I should be pipelining but for some reason just cant pry myself to go there but would be interested in service calls, welding/electro mechanical in the area. I would be perfect for out of town contractors, out of town owners that have had problems with other contractors, with those who are not familiar with the area and need assessment from someone can figure out what is up and doesn't have an interest in selling equipment or parts.
Along with my helper who can read pages of schematics we fix a lot of problems and parts others replace, can often do this immediately vs waiting on new. We have good design and build skills and are troubleshooters. I am not interested in high tech, more stalled or broken equipment and like getting it running.
It cost a bit more to send 2 men to many of the calls but is safer, it also lets us compliment the skill sets. We are ideal for machinery moves, preparing for crane rentals, equipment installation and even some residential equipment. I have also done a fair amount of on site equipment painting and do have a shop in the area.
Call and see if I can help, this number takes msgs as well as voice. 231 477 5364