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Thread: Bender "Bending" Rodriguez, Futurama Full Size IRL

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    Bender "Bending" Rodriguez, Futurama Full Size IRL

    Howdy mates,

    Promised to up some more stuff I fumbled together.
    Found some Pics from the very, very first thing I made, even some poor film.

    Story behind is I happened to watch the premiere episode of Futurama, thus I know this was around March 1999.
    Low and behold the funniest robot I ever seen pops up, Bender "Bending" Rodriguez and I think to myself *woa, I want one of these*
    Hmm but everybody will think I'm completely nuts.... hey thats reason enough to make one!
    ITS ON!

    Now at the time I had never seen a welder up close and did not own a tool, further more I live in a puny 2 room apartmant with no garage.
    Went to the local junkyard and asked if they had any broken powertools and yes they happened to have a couple of pallets,
    most turned out to be broken anglegrinders by the brand Bosch. I grabbed a crapload and started swapping parts and ended up with 2 anglegrinders I could grab in each hand and shake like maraccas and most of the time one would buzz on.
    I was in the game!
    Went to "Biltema" got an foldable workbench, a 5kg roll of 0,6 weldingwire, a tarpaulin and discs. (My budget was belly up so nothing else, no protective goggles, gloves or a n y t h i n g. My protective gear was my shooting earmuffs, sweatpants, T-shirt, Crocs a roll of duct tape and most importantly an ergonomic deskchair as I'm handicapped and need to sit and fumble.
    Borrowed the poweroutlet on mates driveways, throw out the tarpaulin to easy the cleaning, borrowed welder where there was something supposedly welderish asf
    Now I did not know any better and it took me a couple of years to build Bender.
    Exhausted I decided *n e v e r a g a i n* however the few people that tripped over Bender was so overwhelmingly positive so I started on another project, and ever since I fumbled with the metalsculpting stuff to the point it's unimaginable to stop.
    To this day I have workbench in my trunk, live in the same 2 room apartment, no garage. 20 yrs later... :/
    Now I suddenly own a few tools as last summer Kemppi came and brought me the cutest little transportable welder I ever seen, Hypertherms boss came over in person and lent me an XP 30 Air, and Metabo gave me a wonderful flathead Anglegrinder and support with more stuff!
    Things are just wonderful mates!
    Thats the background, sorry enough rambled, here we go!

    Name:  20151220_190452.jpg
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    Diver tank...

    Name:  20151221_003406.jpg
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    Go inside and measure and measure again (Because it is warm inside)

    Name:  20151227_173501.jpg
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    Name:  20151221_003126.jpg
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    Visir/Cyclop sides

    Name:  20151230_163934.jpg
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    To show wuzz goin on
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