Don't ever never get the underbed toolboxes from these folks if you are gonna put em under the bed...they have a crappy little piano hinge on the bottom that's exposed 100%. I cleaned em out regular and oiled em up regular and it didn't do a bit of good. The door on the 4 footer busted off and the other 3 on the bottom, they are 2 footers, are starting to bust off as well, The 4 that are on top are holding up ok so far. Ive had these boxes on this rig since I built the truck only 3 years ago. So I am cuttin the doors out and rebuilding them, actually I am rebuilding the front and making my own doors. When I get done I will put some pictures up. This will take a few days, I am not a real good fabricater type and its all being done by the seat of my pants.

With all that being said Ive been very happy with everything else Ive got from Tractor Supply, these boxes though for under a truck aint worth a runny ****.