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For me, this has worked fine, my welding table is located about 15 feet away from the compressor. The line going up goes through the trusses and drops down by the bandsaw at the rear of the shop, it takes care of the bandsaw and all air needs at the rear of the of my smallish 40 X 24 shop. I've been doing it this way since 2003 with no issues, but I'm just a hobby welder who prefers to use electric tools, being the shop is small, a whip hose would provide little improvement over what I have now.
Iím like you. Over the years I have used air tools less and less due to cordless technology.

However even with limited use I cannot imagine a shop without a compressor. Iím fortunate we bought this one to operate carrot packaging machinery almost 45 years ago. It got retired to shop usage

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