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Thread: Miller Trailblazer 250g Beginner Questions

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    Miller Trailblazer 250g Beginner Questions

    Just picked up my first generator welder yesterday, Miller Trailblazer 250g. About 1993-94 I'm thinking. Attached are 5 images. Have a few questions

    (1) Rheostat setting, 0-100 is this percentage based on what you have your A/V set to? So given that it is set to 35-115, and rheostat set to 50, would that be about 75 amps? and if rheostat set at 100, it would be 115 amps? This is my best guess. Let me know if I'm wrong please.

    (2) What are the slip rings? How do you maintenance them? In the third attached photo I have a picture of what I am guessing are the slip rings, I have seen some posts about them and it sounds like something that should be checked.

    (3) What are brushes? How do you maintenance brushes? Also heard these were to be checked/replaced but have no idea what or where they are. In the fourth attached photo I have a picture of what I am guessing are the brushes. If these are not the brushes but something else, should I clean them off or should they be greased like this?

    If anybody has any tips or advice feel free to let me know.

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    Re: Miller Trailblazer 250g Beginner Questions

    Oh that's a beauty!!!!, , slip rings are in the second picture and the brushes ride on them, "3" gold looking rings , yours are a little dirty, many different ways to clean them , special stone scotch brite etc, just not sand paper! bushes are prop good but they are cheep. how those dials work imho is best explained buy a guy called "Feildres'' on utube, if this is your first stickwelder you picked a good one
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    Re: Miller Trailblazer 250g Beginner Questions

    Your dial settings are pretty easy. 115-35 = 80 amp range from bottom to top.
    So every notch is 8 more amps.
    0 - 35 amps
    1- 43 amps
    2 - 51 amps
    9 - 107 amps
    10 - 115 amps

    If you like math, it's 35+80x where x is the percentage of 80 in decimal form.

    So at 50 on your dial, 35+80(.50) = 35+40 = 75 amps.
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