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Thread: Looking for a Mag Drill

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    Re: Looking for a Mag Drill

    Quote Originally Posted by Lis2323 View Post
    Here’s another way to consider. It can easily double as an on site drill press.

    Receiver mounted in top picture.

    I like that one.
    I need put to do list.
    I have 3/4" mag drill and that would a 3/4" drill press.

    HF 170 welder
    HF 4x6 band saw
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    B&D mag drill
    Victor torch

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    Re: Looking for a Mag Drill

    Quote Originally Posted by Lis2323 View Post
    From what I understand the dry cut saw blade doesn’t benefit from a wax type lube stick. Perhaps it or something like WD 40 would help on aluminum cuts with the appropriate blade though.

    I think it was a Dewalt article where I read that. Of course maybe they say that to sell more blades.
    I use beeswax on bits, blades, sanding belts, and sanding discs if they are getting warm or clogged. Beeswax is the wonder substance. You can use it on sanding discs, and carbide circular saw blades to cut aluminum. You can use it on carbon or bimetal bandsaw blades and hole saws, you just need to touch the blade and it is good for 30 seconds to a minute. I buy the beads and melt them down. It makes blades cut as much as five times faster. And it stops the aluminum oxide powder from getting in the air. I use the white bees wax.


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    Re: Looking for a Mag Drill

    Twist drill bits "walk" even in milling machines. Everyone not already familiar with them should treat themselves to some machinists "center drill" bits which are much stiffer than a twist drill and intended for starting holes (and of course drilling bar stock for lathe centers). The smaller sort work in ordinary hand drills too. Center drill bits are short making them nice for mag drill use. They countersink (to center the subsequent drill bit) too.

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    Re: Looking for a Mag Drill

    I have the base model fein drill, it dosent have the bottom support which makes it easier and quicker to swap to the drill chuck.
    If you are drilling tubing or surfaces that arent flat maybe the hougen with the extra bearing would be stiffer, not sure as I have never seen or used one in person.

    The more expensive one with variable speed and reverse would be nice for tapping.

    For coolant I am using lenox band ade mixed 10 to 1 with windshield washer fluid to keep it from freezing and in theorey the alcohol evaporating takes more heat from the bit than water

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    Re: Looking for a Mag Drill

    I am the proud owner of the DeWalt 1622, but I do not advise you to buy this drill without a detailed comparison with other models. It's best if you look at all the available range of drills that you can afford. I also advise you to find an article that compares the models you are interested in, something like this, because this way you can compare all the pros and cons of each model and understand which one suits you the most. Btw, considering that several months have passed since the creation of the topic, I do not exclude the fact that you could already choose a drill. In that case, can you please tell us what exactly you chose?

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