I am a pipe welding and pipe fitting instructor who has been required to migrate as much content online as I can in response to COVID-19 remote learning efforts. We are currently working through the concepts and practices behind industry codes and standards. This sub forum seem's like a great resource that can give students context for what can be an otherwise dry topic.

I would like to ask any that are willing to consider the following:

taking a minute to submit a circumstance in which the understanding/misunderstanding of a specification or procedure avoided or created problems (i.e. incorrect filler metal's selection, materials segregation, Heat treatment, etc.)

I am also doing some online zoom Q/A's with personnel that represent different specializations within the trade. While this may not be something everyone would jump onto, if by chance anyone is comfortable in that format i'd love to entertain the opportunity to give the students further examples.

The mandate to put content online has been particularly challenging for trade schools and so we are having to be creative in ways that we can provide the information and have it accurately reflect the fields the students are pursuing. We are currently only offering content online that doesn't require hands on skills. We have pushed back against the idea of forcing students to learn hands on skill's in an online format. I don't have any expectations for responses, but would be very appreciative to any whom would be willing to share! This forum continues to be a great wealth of industry knowledge.

Be well!