Time to sell my trusty Synchrowave, as I want to go to something smaller. It is a 1994 Miller Syncrowave 250 (KE 681641) in perfect working order. I am selling it with everything except the gas bottle. Accessories include a DIY cart I made for it, Dyna-flux 2 gallon water cooler (procon pump), #20 CK water cooled torch (250 amp, flexible neck), SSC controls pedal, stick welding whip/stinger, ground lead with 300 amp bronze clamp. I also have a large assortment of tungstens, extra cups, gas lens collet bodies and collets, that I am throwing in with it. It is fitted out with DINSE connectors for easy torch/stinger swap out. It really is a plug and play set up. Buyers can test it out before buying. PM me for more details or if you are interested. I am located in Connecticut. I am asking $2500 for the whole shooting match.

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