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Thread: Stick/TIG machines - AHP vs Everlast

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    Re: Stick/TIG machines - AHP vs Everlast

    Quote Originally Posted by FlyFishn View Post
    One of the things that catches my eye with the AHP is it does AC and has high-freq TIG start.
    Does the other machine under consideration not have HF start? Personally, I wouldn't want to be without HF start on any tig machine, unless I was pipe welding or something like that ... otherwise, lack of HF would be a deal-breaker for me.

    I think your instinct to look at transformer machines is on target...they have a long track record and are generally very reliable and long-lived.

    If you plan to do much aluminum, always err on the side of MORE amperage and duty cycle...aluminum needs a lot of throttle. If you have the room for it, and the power to feed it, the Miller 330A/B-P is a very capable and economical (to buy) machine, and it's a great stick welder.
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    Re: Stick/TIG machines - AHP vs Everlast

    The Everlast PowerArc 210STL does not have HF TIG start.

    I was looking at the 210STL earlier primarily as a stick machine with the bonus of being able to do some TIG. However, I've filled the stick niche with a transformer machine. So looking at the TIG side of the equation now - AC and HF are critical to a TIG machine.

    The PowerTig 255EXT is starting to look like a good option. It was somewhat on the table before looking at stick machines as it does E6010, but the cost equation favored the 210STL - great stick machine, plus some TIG, in a lot lower priced unit. But when you throw in AC and HF start, critical features for a TIG machine (again - gear shift from stick) - with Everlast machines you're right up north of that $1500 price point anyway if you want any adjustability in the waveforms or hot-start/arc-force (210 and 250 models on up).

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