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Thread: Hypertherm Powermax 1250 G3 need help

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    Hypertherm Powermax 1250 G3 need help

    Hello to all,
    First time posting on the forum, but have been viewing for years. I'm currently having issues with my Powermax 1250 and I'm at a loss. The machine will not turn on at all no lights or indications on front panel machine just looks like its off even with the switch is in the on position. I have checked input power and have power to and after the switch. Front lights would occasionally flash when the switch is turned on but now nothing is visible. I had a friend who looked at the machine and said he believed the power board had a bad component no visible damage, replaced main power board and still having the same symptoms. Any help would be appreciated just wondering where to go from here is there a simple component to check or do i need to take to a service center. Thanks

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    Re: Hypertherm Powermax 1250 G3 need help

    have you gone to hypertherm's web site and downloaded the service manual?
    Do that next. 1250 G3 is an auto line unit. Will run on 200 to 575 vac line power.
    will not run on 115 volts.
    will run on single phase or three phase power. Once you get the manual, perform the power off tests with unit unplugged. Then find the power on voltage tests and follow the instructions in the manual. one thing you will need to do is measure the buss voltage at each large capacitor. should be around 375 each. Working on this unit is dangerous. with high voltage and things can explode. Take care to protect your self. use proper PPE. step back when powering on. use care when making measurements to not short or slip with probes. clip on then power on is best. Look at test 1 through 15. get familiar with them before you call Hypertherm tech support. They will ask you to do some of them. If not safe for you, get help from some one who knows how to safely work on powered on equipment

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