I'll admit I was much better back in the day when I was welding for a living. I always took a lot of pride in my work which not all people do. Some have a good enough type attitude and unfortunately many of the newbies today fall into that category. I wasn't the fastest but often was put on more difficult jobs because they knew I took pride in my work and had very few re-do's. Apprentices liked me because I would show them or explain things they could understand. I was always in awe when I saw a more experienced weldor make something difficult look easy or do a weld that looked like it was done by a robot. One guy I knew made his cap pass on pipe look like it was done by sub-arc. Every other welder in the shop tried and couldn't do it even if they used his machine and his heat setting. Another guy at a different shop made his uphand on pipe look like it was done flat. He welded all the multiple coils that went into heater shells. He could spit them out in record time and rarely failed an X-ray. One X-ray that failed wasn't a weld fault. It was a fault in the pipe beside the weld. The night shift foreman repaired it and he was shocked too when they said one of Archie's welds failed. Then he looked at the X-ray and said there was nothing wrong with the weld.