Used my 5inch top switch(broken) and the 9inch milwaukee today on the first job... but got another job thrown at me that I had to get done today so I actually used the dewong cordeds for most of the heavy grinding as it does save time
used the 9 incher to make the top relief cuts and the smaller one for some quick fab and demo cuts before I started the genny... also used the little saw for all the pipe cuts as it's hands down quicker than a grinder with a skinny wheel corded or not

There was about a 2 inch outward bend to the top railing that's why I had to relief cut the upper ends of the side rails to make it easier to pull back where it should be
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This little saw is worth it's weight in gold when it come to saving time and just the ease of fabbing stuff freehand!!!
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The .030 e71t-gs was working great with the zinc infested pipe
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Ran outta the gray paint I usually use... had a can of red oxide though also still had to stone the concrete patches after this pic was taken.
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