I am new to the forum and am about to purchase a Lincoln Power Mig 360 MP. I have 230 volt, single phase being installed in my garage on a dedicated 125 amp sub-panel. I read in the lincoln owner manual for this unit that it specifies an "Effective Input Amperes" for a 230V circuit single phase power source of 50 amps. Below this the manual then says Recommended Input Wire and Fuse / Single Phase and lists a table with the following:

Maximum Input Ampere and Duty Cycle - 230/1/50/60 = 83A, 40% (@350amps welder output). The Fuse/Breaker Size is specified at 90A. Extra Hard Usage Input cord is specified at 6. Is it safe to assume:

1 - short extension cord (25 feet) should be 6 guage wire
2 - to achieve full output of welder, I need a 90 amp circuit breaker (and associated wire between the subpanel and the receptacle

Given the specification that effective input amperes are rated at 50, can I use a 50 amp breaker and still get the rated 360 amp output, as the first table seems to indicate?

Also, are there receptacles for 90 amp circuits or will I be required to hard wire the unit to the wall/panel, with possibly a wall disconnect switch. Thanks in advance for any advice!