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Thread: I MIG 200E work clamp cable

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    I MIG 200E work clamp cable

    I have the Power I-Mig 200E. The work (ground) cable is kind of short and I would like to get a longer one. Manual says its a DINSE 25 connector. My local Everlast dealer says they do not sell any longer cables. Where can I purchase a longer work cable, and exactly which connector do I need as I've seen that DINSE 25 connectors can be 3/8" or 1/2". I've measured the connector and it's would be closer to 3/8" but not exactly.

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    Re: I MIG 200E work clamp cable

    Any welding supply store sells cable. You don't need a new connector.

    I guess you may not realize that the DINSE connector comes apart and the cable is held in by a set screw? This is S.O.P. if you wan to lengthen your cables. Pull your boot off the DINSE and undo the cable. Put a lug on the other end for the work clamp (avaialble at any local welding supply store as well) and reattach it.

    Dinse 25 cables are only 3/8" (nominal, but not exact), not 1/2.

    By the way, the rule of thumb is no more than 2/3 the length of your MIG gun for work. This is fairly standard recommendation throughout the industry.
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