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Thread: Everlast Powertig 200DX

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    Everlast Powertig 200DX

    I got a Powertig 200DX as a gift a while back. I got the Current warning light on in the front panel. It turns on but doesn't let me weld. I emailed the techs at Everlast and told me to troubleshoot the board. I sent them the readings on my voltmeter and they said it pointed to a bad board. But they would recommend to send it in to check cause there might be some other things that might be bad. I am inclined to sending it but it'll be around 600$ not including shipping. I am also thinking of just getting a new one, the Powertig 200DV. They come with 5 year warranty. If I send mine in, they give me one month warranty. Just wanted to ask what where you guys thoughts or recommendations. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Everlast Powertig 200DX

    Am not familiar with either machine, however... looks like the 200DX is discontinued. If it were to go down again in a year or later, parts might not be available. For $675 more you get a new machine and 5 year warranty.
    Myself... I'd get the 200DV. Hopefully it has some upgraded or additional functions the 200DX lacks.
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    Re: Everlast Powertig 200DX

    Well, you can try and see if it can go USPS since its your dime, and pay them to at least take a look at it...which shouldn't be too much, and maybe worth. You could tell them to keep it if it isn't worth the trouble/cost. I doubt it would cost 600.00 bucks. It was a really good unit but the new DV's are better designed and easier to fix than the older non digital controlled design.
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