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Thread: Jacksonville, FL welding supplier reviews

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    Jacksonville, FL welding supplier reviews

    New guy in Jacksonville, FL. I want to establish an account at a local welding supplier and am looking for reviews of the local stores. Not a big customer, doing hobby farm equipment repairs and home type jobs. Figured I'd likely buy cylinders, cart and consumables at one location. Have read it's best to NOT be a cash customer but set up account. The biggies I see are Air Gas, Praxair and Strate? Certainly open to others. Reading here I see where various stores seem to have very different personalities and helpfulness.
    Can any of you local guys give me some reviews, please? If you're not wanting to go public, a PM is fine.
    Thanks. Florida Al

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    Re: Jacksonville, FL welding supplier reviews

    My local guy is your local guy, but in another town. Try Strate welding. Good guys around here. Always beat airgas on pricing of incidentals. Gas is about the same, rent is a little higher on cylinders. Also try Jone's.
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    Re: Jacksonville, FL welding supplier reviews

    Strate was good for me. I've used Airgas too when I couldn't get what I needed there. Berman brothers is a great steel supplier too. I did industrial furniture when I lived there. Built all the tables for Southern Swells Brewing Co.

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