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Thread: tell us about your journey

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    tell us about your journey

    I am always curious about how other folks arrived where they are today and what the journey looked like, one of the members profile caught my attention and I PM'ed him and asked him if he would share his story. I wont call him out but rather leave that to him in case he needs some space for a moment but if any of you would share the story of what prompted you to go out on your on and what transpired from then to now I bet that I am not the only one who would appreciate it. as for me I did run a business for over 10 years but it was a side gig doing residential and light commercial HVAC, mainly service with some retrofit work, I wouldn't even bid new construction because there was to much throat cutting. I had very little start up because I already owned all my own tools and my office was my truck and an aluminum ticket book, I used invoice books that I bought at wally world. I had worked for several contractors so I knew what their rates and mark up was and priced my work at or above them and was able to stay busier than what was healthy. I ended up taking a govt job for the bennies and kept my thing rolling for another couple of years until I just couldn't do the hours anymore. it got so bad that when the phone would ring my heart would just sink so I handed off my customers to a couple of guys I had worked with and who I knew did quality work and began the painful adjustment to a much reduced income.
    I don't consider my experience to be comparable to most of you who run a business, I never had to work without a net, never had any employee's other than day labor and never paid rent or lease or deal with inspectors or general contractors, I dealt directly with the home or business owner.


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    Re: tell us about your journey

    I worked my *** off. It was cold dark and dirty, or hot dark and dirty, unless it was outside in the sun, in that case it was rather bright cold and dirty or bright hot and dirty. In any case i had a fun and still do, and i still get dirty

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    Re: tell us about your journey

    Quote Originally Posted by weldnhack View Post
    I am always curious about how other folks arrived where they are today and what the journey looked like
    Couldn't wait to get the phuck out of the house...
    Joined the Army at 17
    got out and worked every sh*t job you could think of .... Drank a lot of beer, banged a lot of fat chicks and played in a rock and roll band on the weekends.

    finally settled down and got hitched... bought a house... went to work every day and got dirty.

    Nobody owes me anything and I don't owe anyone either...

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