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Thanks to all who contributed information and to Ed for the gift of a new hood for Bryce.

I'm starting him with drafting using a conventional board and tools before we move to CAD/CAM/CADD and he's been watching some TIG and we'll continue working in TIG and MIG observing then drawing sketches of the various elements of what's happening under the hood, in the next month Bryce will begin with stick and progress to MIG and TIG.

The goal is to build a welded aluminum boat with Bryce, one he's either designed or participated in the design. We'll draw a skiff or riverboat and build that using the soon to be practising welding skills, and plan that the boat is an initial step in learning to design build in welded aluminum.

We meet a couple times a week for a couple hours, and are working on his drafting while we build his portable drafting table and he accumulates drafting tools, skills and learns the 'conventions' of drafting.

We're still in lines and layout now, but will be introducing curved battens and 'fair' curve in a month while we begin to weld a little steel with stick.

Thanks for everyone's kind words, informative experiences and generosity. Our 'home school marine science' program is probably a few years long but as we all know there's lots to learn before building something that sophisticated. And it requires lots of trade skills and plenty of practice. So we'll just work at learning more, and see how we do?

I may haul his Dad and friends in the shop to build a skiff while we're in progress of learning the details just to allow Bryce to see all the reasons for the time practising all the skills and ideas that may be a little daunting without a demonstration of how all this 'fits' together.

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Just a thought...it occurs to me that many of us might have good stuff lying around that could be useful to Bryce and we don't even know it. Maybe you could put together a list to post here and if we see something we have extra we can send it along...even if it's not welding gear. I know my wife loves when I get rid of stuff!

I love the boat project you're describing....I would have loved to do something like that as a young man (heck, even now)!