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Thread: Need hydraulic recommendation

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    Re: Need hydraulic recommendation

    Over center, or "breakover" situations, aren't as funky as you'd think. They're mostly calculating force vectors to get the desired applied force on the actuated arm. The cylinder will move safely as long as it's not in a bind, even at the "breakover" point. The direction of force just changes within the arc. In the first pic, I'm at maximum possible "breakover", and it's not a problem. The pic looks funny because I don't want to show the entire machine..............another one of my proprietary builds.
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    Re: Need hydraulic recommendation

    Quote Originally Posted by farmersammm View Post
    Attachment 1724627 I tried to add a restrictor to just one side, and it was a dismal failure. The side without the restrictor messed up the travel, making it jerky as all getout. Restricting both sides smoothed it out.

    I'd have to go back over the numbers, if I have them somewhere, but my calculations put the down force at about 800ish (might be as high as 1000) pounds on the actuator arm. This is a tough setup to build, and have it perform well. You're dealing with some radical angles. any given position within the arc of travel, the cylinder is either under load, or free falling.

    It should be noted....................all flow restrictors will heat up the oil. It's one of the tradeoffs. I've never seen any negative results when running this thing for long periods, so I'm good with it I guess.
    I am leaning the same direction . I am sure a counterbalance valve would make it smooth as butter but I am thinking 2 needle valves will work well enough since its not like This function will be used continuously . It for sure would not be used enough to significantly heat the oil. The boom cylinders will be used for most things. The bucket cylinders would be only for getting something off the ground and for a correction here and there.

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