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I understand lots of folks think it will work, but I have yet to see anybody pull it off successfully. I don't know if there's a difference because the part is actually ductile iron, not cast iron, or because it's simply a thin part, but I haven't seen an old vise show up with a brazed nut that was still in service, and I've seen countless other types of brazed repairs on vises that were clearly done a long time ago and held. Along those same lines, I've had so many people contact me after trying to braze a nut unsuccessfully that I lost track a long time ago...they break it, try fixing it, it fails again and then they send me a note looking for a source for a replacement part. Maybe it's a coincidence of epic proportions, but I really doubt it.

I've stick welded vises with nickel rods, brazed them, TIG brazed them and TIG welded with two different Inconel filler wire and the best results have usually been using Inconel. I prep the area to white metal using a carbide bit, then use just the arc to cook the carbon out...heat, stainless brush, repeat until the black soot stops coming out, then lay in a root pass and build off that. I have some aluminum bronze TIG wire I'm going to try next. I'll have to add nickel silver to the list.
PM me your address and I'll send you a couple sticks of Nickel Silver to mess with If interested. 312 Stainless as well if you want to mess with it too.